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Loch Lomond's olives are harvested by machine between April and May of each year. Usually falling around Easter time, harvest time becomes a gathering for our family. Even our little ones get involved!


Italian olive varieties Manzanillo, Corregiola and Frantoio are what make Lomondo's Extra Virgin Olive Oil award-winning and much loved by chefs and cooks alike.


Once harvested, our olives are then trucked that afternoon to Billimari near Cowra in Central West NSW for processing.


Lomondo is an early harvest oil, with our harvested olives processed within hours to ensure an outstanding flavour. That's the secret to creating our amazing flavoured extra virgin olive oil.


Did you know for Lomondo to be classed as Extra Virgin Olive Oil the fruit must be processed at less than 26 degrees?


A sample of the oil is then sent to the Department of Primary Industries for further analysis and taste testing. Only then can it be classed as Extra Virgin Olive Oil under the Australian Olive Oil Associations Code of Practice.

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